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Robert Neil Speaks with...

Oct 10, 2022

Robert Neil Speaks with… Chuck Smith (a.k.a. Stray Deuce), musician/singer/songwriter.

“I really enjoy finding artists whose names you might not know, but who have made important contributions to popular music.  Chuck Smith, who goes by the stage name Stray Deuce, is one of those artists.  He’s been in the music industry for decades and has played with some of the best musicians in the business.  At a young age he was signed to Columbia Records and later earned a contract from Motown Records.

“One of Motown’s biggest artists, Diana Ross, recorded a song Smith had co-written with Donald Dunn as the title track to her 1977 album ‘Baby It’s Me.’  Smith played guitar on the track, which also featured some legendary players, including David Foster, Ray Parker, Jr., Jeff Porcaro and Lee Ritenour.

“In this interview, we talk about Smith’s career and influences.”

- Robert Neil


Robert Neil recommends the following Stray Deuce songs:

“Billie Sings”

“Bluebell Marie”


“The Real Skunk Funk”